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(Formerly the Stress Reduction Room)

The MindSpa is a new space on campus initiated by the Contemplative Collaborative and run by the Office of Health Promotion. Students, staff, and faculty are often fraught with stress, and rarely have an opportunity to just be themselves, as they are! This room provides such a safe space. The MindSpa also has tools that can help anyone establish practices based in mindfulness.

Our computer kiosk has emWave Pro hardware with HeartMath software installed. The kiosk, which is touch-screen capable, is also stocked with guided meditation videos and links regarding stress reduction. We also have recently acquired a MUSE headset, which is a basic EEG with a free phone app component that helps beginners and experienced meditators alike!

Already have mindfulness practices as part of your routine? The MindSpa has round cushions for meditation, and yoga mats that you can use for personal practice!

Just looking to relax? Our Happy Light by Verilux will help keep keep the winter blues away, and the couch is a perfect place to sit and read in a quiet space.

If it’s your first time using the MindSpa, we’ll have someone run you through a quick orientation to get acquainted with all of our resources. After that, you’re welcome to reserve the space to use on your own!

Schedule a time to reduce stress now.