Syracuse UniversityOffice of Health Promotion


Program Offerings

Trained peer educators and Health Promotion staff are available to facilitate discussions and lead activities that address key components of mental health and well being, including sleep, stress, time management, and mindfulness.

  • “Stress Management 101” – an interactive workshop that gives participants an opportunity to identify their unique stressors, learn about the good and bad effects of stress and how to identify them, and discuss specific, manageable tools and tasks to start managing their stress.
  • “The Walking Dead: Let's Talk About Sleep” - a fun and engaging workshop that addresses the benefits of sleep, the factors that influence sleep quality, and gives specific tips and tools for creating the ideal sleep environment and starting healthy sleep habits.
  • "Time Out: Organization and Time Management" - a practical workshop that provides students with skills and resources to will help them successfully manage stress, including organizing and prioritizing to get things done, combating procrastination, and using technology efficiently.

To request a program, or if you're interested in a program that is not listed above, please request a program through our program request form.