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About the BE Wise Campaign

Created by students in Hill Communications in 2013, the BeWise campaign uses harm-reduction and bystander intervention theories to inform student about high-risk drinking and alcohol overdose, the warning signs of alcohol overdose, and how to respond to an alcohol overdose situation.  The campaign also encourages students to practice harm reduction strategies should they choose to engage in alcohol use.

Be Real, Know Your Limits

It is important for students who choose to drink alcohol, or may decide to drink in the future, to reflect on their drinking behavior and learn their limits. 

Be Aware, Know Your C.U.P.S.

In order to identify an alcohol poisoning situation, students need to know the signs of alcohol poisoning, or "C.U.P.S." C.U.P.S. is an acronym for the following signs of alcohol poisoning:

Owl showing cold skinOwl shown as unresponsiveOwl shown pukingOwl shown breathing slowly

Be There, Make the Call

In an alcohol poisoning situation, students can be there for each other by intervening and making the call for help.